All this is of course great. In that sense, every day I could use my sister's body whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted, but in the end it became annoying. And I have matured a new plan. I talked with Katya about going on a weekend trip to her mother to the country. In addition, they recently installed a swimming pool on the site. Katya was not averse. We decided to go the next day.

The next morning, I called Igor and invited him with us. His and a couple of his friends. He agreed with pleasure, but Kati did not say a word. In the morning we got together and went to her country house in her car. The road is far, so they took a tablet with them. Paul roads we watched Comedy Club. But when I got bored, I turned on the music. Katya was wearing white pants, white ballet flats and a white vest. I'm in a t-shirt and breeches.

While we were driving, I took off the SMS to Igor with the car brand, our location and the license plate. After 20 minutes, Igor threw off the return SMS, in which it was reported that they were coming for us. I looked in the rearview glass. Right. They drove us in the second row. I sighed with relief, and, sitting comfortably in the chair, put Kate's left hand on my leg. So we got to the cottage. The gates were opened for us by aunt Alice. She was fifty years old with a tail, but she did not look at her age. The maximum amount she could have been given was 43 years. She was of medium height, normal build, with a third-size breast. Haircut in the style of caret. Brown-haired with green eyes. Always wore glasses because of poor vision.

Parked on the plot, we entered the house. The house was a two-story with a through passage. On the first floor there was a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom, on the second a recreation room for guests. Aunt Alice was wearing tight leggings and a summer knee-length yellow dress with a large neckline. As it turned out my uncle, Sasha went to Kislovodsk to visit his relatives yesterday, and she was left alone here.

Sitting down on a sofa in front of the TV, I and Katya began to take turns drying on the table. Aunt Alice went to put the kettle. Then I received a text message: "We are at the gate." “Come in and go to the house,” I replied with a text message. Soon the iron gate slammed, and then the front door creaked, and Igor and his friend appeared on the threshold.

- Oh, hi! - Katya greeted. - How did you get here?

- Yes, I here, I saw you came here. And I myself was with a friend Sergei. And not bad here you

Then Aunt Alice came into the living room with a kettle.

- Mom, meet, this is Igor. He is Arina's friend and colleague at work - Katya presented the guys.

- Very nice - Igor stretched out his hand - And this is my friend and your neighbor in the village Sergey.

Sergey also extended his hand.

- Well, what are we worth? Sit down - said Aunt Alice, pointing to the stools. The guys sat down. After drinking tea and chatting, Igor noticed that behind the house there was a dug pool.

- Wow, you, and you have a pool! - Igor was delighted.

- Yes. Recently done. And let's, let's go, sunbathe until the sun has gone down - suggested Alice.

- A good idea! - supported her guys.

- Well, you go, and we will now change clothes and leave.

I, Igor and Sergey went to the pool. Igor and Seryoga quickly got rid of the outerwear, substituting their backs to the sun. I got 5 sun loungers out of the barn. We took three places in front of the pool and the house itself. Soon aunt Alice and Katya appeared from the house. Alice put on her new black swimsuit with white polka dots, which barely exposed her breasts and the same color panties. Katya was in her old pink bathing suit. They took two deck chairs opposite us. After lying for about 15 minutes, Igor said:

- That would be now on ryumashke

- I will bring it now! - Aunt Alice responded - Only he is in the cellar, will you help me?

The boys and aunt hid in the house. I moved to Kate and lay down on her mother's chaise lounge. Then, looking around, he raised himself up, and with his right hand climbed under her bra cup. Katya smiled imperceptibly. I felt my nipple with my fingers and began pulling at it.

- Carefully, so as not to notice - Katya said quietly. I sat on her lounger and, having pulled my hand out of her bra, began to run my fingers along her crotch through her panties. Then I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She reciprocated. Suddenly, our kiss was interrupted by a roar from the house. Kate jumped up and went to look. I remained lying down.

It took about 10 minutes, no one returned. I went to the house. Opening the door, I realized that the windows and walls of the house are soundproofed. And I realized this, because, inside the house there was a loud moan and crying. The living room was empty. But from the stairs, which led to the second floor, there was crying aunt. I began to climb the stairs carefully. Stopping, I looked out from behind the railing. Aunt Alice stood with cancer facing me. Her swimsuit was lying around. The first thing that caught my eye was the boobs hanging loose. Her whole body shook with powerful shocks. Behind her, he was kneeling and mercilessly getting rid of her by Igor, holding his hair with one hand, while the other thrashed his ass. I couldn't take my eyes off. Suddenly there was a scuffle from below. I quickly jumped down the stairs and ran into the hallway, hiding behind the closet. From the kitchen, clasping Katya by the waist, Sergey left. She beat out, but he forcibly dragged her upstairs. After a long fuss. Crying and moans intensified. I decided to return to my patrol position. Now it looked like a real porn. Alice and Katya stood face to face with cancer and held each other's hands, while Seryoga and Igor fucked them. When they were tired, they grabbed Alice and Katya by the hair and dragged them to the stairs. I left my position again. But this time he returned to the pool. Put on dark glasses and put on headphones. Pretending to sleep. As soon as I froze, the door of the house opened, and the guys, holding the captives by their hair, approached the deck chairs. Igor lay down on a lounger, Seryoga helped him sit his aunt on him. Alice was riding his dick facing me. Igor began furiously fucking her. And Seryoga, in the meantime, enjoyed Katya's body, lying on the tile. I watched as the Totina breasts jumped, her tummy was shaking, like Igor's hefty bolt penetrated her unshaven hole. And just as Katya moaned loudly under the onslaught of Seryoga, with her legs up and legs apart. I'm through, mind you, excited.

Jumping on the penis, Alice slid onto the lawn, stretching her legs under herself and trying to cover herself with her hands. But Igor approached her, and, holding the back of his head, pushed her towards him, so that his standing member rested directly on Alice’s mouth. She frowned, and began to turn away her face. But Igor forcibly, with two hands, pressed her to a member. In the end, just clamped her nose. In captivity she had to open her mouth. And a huge bolt instantly disappeared in her throat. Igor, flushed with heat, and wild excitement, quickly moved his hips, penetrating deeper and deeper into his throat with his dick. Aunt Alice groaned, coughed, drooled, lowed. Tears and drool mixed in, dripped onto her chest and legs. Finally letting go of her head, Aunt Alice fell on the grass, and Igor finished the lion's roar on her chest. Then he turned and went to Seryoga, who at that time had already finished Katia’s face.

- Well? Maybe a walk? He suggested.

- And let's go! - agreed Sergey. Raising Alice and Katya, they disappeared into the house. I waited two minutes, followed. But when I entered the house, I heard the knock of the gate. I looked around the house. He was empty. Following the others, and going beyond the gate, I saw the campaign moving away along the road, along the village. Igor and Seryoga walked along the edges of the road. And Katya and Aunt Alice are in the middle of the road. As far as I could see, they were wearing their swimsuits. I followed them, keeping my distance. After walking a few meters, I stopped. The reason for the stop was the fact that three guys approached the campaign. They talked about something, then those guys took Alice by the arms and led them towards the fence. Katya wanted to stop them, but was caught by the third guy. When they had disappeared, Igor and Sergey were waiting outside. Now I decided to approach them.

- What's happening? Where are you going? - approaching them, I asked.

- And here is our breadwinner! Hold two weave - Igor handed me the money. I took the money.

- Where are Aunt Alice and Katya?

- There - the guys pointed at the gate - Now they will leave.

From the house, where they led the girls, came the rock and the noise of beating bottles. While we waited, I smoked three cigarettes. Igor called Arina. After the conversation, he received a text message with a photo. On the photo Arina was naked in the bathroom. Then came the second photo. On which Arina, photographed her hole, legs apart. Then I wrote to her already. And already a picture came to my phone, where it was wet after a shower, fingers penetrating into my ass. We were so carried away that we didn’t notice how half an hour had passed. Suddenly the gate opened. And from there came Katya and Aunt Alice. They were completely naked. In their hands they held their swimsuits. Their bodies were all red from men's hands, their faces, breasts and ass were all finished off.

Seeing me, Alice, did not even try to hide behind. But only shamefully lowered her head, hiding how the sperm ran down her cheeks. Having waited, when they put on, and, having given them to be wiped, we went further.

- Wait, are you sure that everyone is satisfied with us? - suddenly broke the silence, Igor asked our "captives". They looked at each other and looked at me. A minute of silence was interrupted by Aunt Alice, who came up to me, straightened her hair and sat down on her knees, pulled off my pants with shorts. Then, skillfully taking my dick started to masturbate him. After that, looking at me with indifferent eyes, took my swollen penis in her mouth. She sucked skillfully, now and then she touched a tooth. But, nevertheless, I liked what was going on. Kate looked at us.

- Why don't you work? - Sergey asked Katya. After that, he and Igor also got members. Katya obediently sat on her knees, spreading her legs and taking two cocks in her hands in turn began to suck. I looked at Katya's crotch, and I didn’t even interfere with her panties. Aroused, I grabbed my aunt by the back of my head and, taking control of the process, began quickly to fuck her in the throat. Alice lowered her hands and only groaned. From her mouth drooled the river, and dripped on the asphalt. Finally I finished and let go of my aunt. She gently raised herself, brushing off her knees from the roadside dust. But she did not have time to fully climb. Seryoga's quick hand jerked off her panties, and then the member itself penetrated into it at full length. Alice stood, bending, holding her knees. From powerful pushes, her chest jumped up and down. The groans became stronger. I was standing on the side of her, I was touching her right dangling chest. Seryoga, smiling, pulled out a member and finished on her ass. Now aunt was able to fully straighten. And she wiped the sperm with her hand, then licked it.

We returned to the site. Aunt and Kate went to rest on a chaise longue. And Igor and Sergey left somewhere. I lay in front of our captives, and jerked a member in the open, admiring their forms. Half an hour later, male voices were heard. And from behind the house there were 10 people, and maybe more. The two went to aunt and Kate, grabbed their hair and dragged them along the ground to the house. Those kicking and screaming in pain. Soon they disappeared into the house and the cries disappeared. Igor approached me and said:

- Here is your share - handing me 2 pieces.

“And now we are lying and waiting,” said Sergey, lounging on a deck chair. Half an hour passed. No one appeared. Hour, two, three. And now, after 4 hours, the door opened, and from there Katya and Aunt Alice came out on all fours. They wore collars around their necks, from which the leashes stretched. The leashes were held by one huge man, who was three times as big as Igor. Prisoners were terribly exhausted. Their bodies were red and wet. All the faces were completely flooded with male seed, and not just the faces. And also backs, boobs, priests. Sperm flowed down their faces and stretched right up to the ground. Bringing them to us, the men said that there is more to come. And they themselves went to smoke this thing. Alice and Kate sprawled right on the lawn. We reached them. It seemed that they fell asleep. I carefully examined them and found phalluses stuck in both priests, stuck to the very end. Their holes were heavily smashed, so that I could easily put my whole palm in there.

The men, having smoked, took Igor away and agreed on something with him, having lent him 12,000 cash. He returned to us and said that the men were going to take the captives with them for the whole night. We looked at each other, but agreed. The men, holding the women in their arms, carried them to the exit. We went out to conduct them. They threw them in the car. One each and waving us, left.

The next morning, we were woken by a slammed door. I went out into the hallway. Katya and Aunt Alice stood there, absolutely naked. Seeing me, Kate spoke:
“They let us go home alone.” Naked. On the way, we had 6 times.

- This is for you - said Alice, stretching 6 thousand rubles. I took the money.

- Well and good.

I went to Kate and grabbed the ass. She twitched quietly whispered:

- Do not. Painfully.

But it did not stop me. Forcibly bending her, I pulled out a member and thrust it into the vagina. Katya could not even moan. Alice looked at us, but not for long. On the threshold appeared Igor and took her.

I fucked Kate, and the words she gave out excited me even more. Words of failure. Requests to stop. Alice’s moans and the creaking of the bed also came from the second floor.

- Okay. Clean yourself up. It's time to leave - I said, finishing Katya on my feet, and slapped the pope. Katya slowly wandered over things and into the shower. Alice followed her in 20 minutes. Picking up her purple robe, she headed for her bedroom.

During the time when they put themselves in order, we managed to have breakfast and finally swim in their pool. Drying out, Igor and Seryoga went to the car. And I went to the house, hurry Katya. I found Katya in the hallway, already dressed, combing her hair.

- Where is Aunt Alice? - I asked.

- She showered. In the bedroom. Why?

- Yes, I think she will not mind us - I replied, leaving the hallway. Going into the bedroom, I found Alice lying on the bed in her bathrobe.

- Aunt Alice, get up. Spend us.

- Oh - sighed heavily, Alice got out of bed and followed me. Katya was already sitting in the car. The guys drove the car on the road, opened the gate. Katya passed back and drove onto the road. Igor and Sergey came up to Aunt Alice. I got into the car to Kate. After talking with the guys, Alice closed the gate, and immediately went back, slamming the gate. Kate followed her gaze until she got into the car to the guys.

- Let's go - I said. And we set off along the road. Kate looked forward, and I am in the rearview window. Alice was sitting in the back seat with Seryoga. They exchanged phrases. And in the end, Alice leaned over to him and disappeared from sight. We left the village, and now we were driving through the forest along a gravel road. Shaken the horror. Meet the guys from the local lake. I did not pay any attention to them until Igor stopped the car. I looked in the rearview glass. The guys came to the car. Kate also noticed this, and, stopping the car on the side of the road, she hit her hands on the steering wheel, unfastened her seat belts and went outside. I stayed to sit. Wearing sun glasses, I lowered the seat back. So sit much more comfortable.

I did not see what was happening there, but I soon found out. The car was approaching the tramp of many feet. A campaign appeared near my door, which dragged Katya behind it. She screamed, called for help and struggled. I glanced in the rearview glass, and saw some guy pulling down his panties, pulling on his hips. And from under his arms stuck two female legs. Distracted by them, I jerked when on the hood of our car, a group of guys threw Katya. She looked at me with pleading eyes through the glass. And the guys, surrounding her from behind, began to pull off her clothes. And in the end, standing in line, began to fuck her. Kate knocked on the hood, trying to escape, sobbing. But it was all useless. The guys changed one by one. And after the last guy, Katya slid down the road. The guys, leaving her, knocked on my window. I opened a little glass, and threw her clothes on my feet. And they themselves returned to the one who had already finished aunt Alice in the mouth. Speaking about something with Igor, the guys went further.

Then the door opened, and behind the wheel of the village Katya, absolutely naked. I gave her clothes. And she got dressed at fast speed. Igor, driving up to us, said that Aunt Alice would go home on foot. And then, smiling, he added:

- And this is your trophy! - threw Kate out the window Alice's robe. We turned around and saw how my aunt was moving back along the road, absolutely nude, covering the chest and crotch with our hands.

Igor, overtaking us, disappeared in the dust that had risen. I looked at Katya, and said sternly:

- Drive

She, having waited a minute, started the engine, and we drove on.

Three days later, Igor sent me some photographs of where my aunt Alice was frying mushroom pickers near the birch trees, and another photo where Alisa, on her knees, looks into the camera, and on her chest says “I am a whore.”